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Amarone della Valpolicella, 1980


This wine is made from grapes harvested in various vineyards located on hills in the Valpolicella zone (Mezzane and Tregnago hills). Different sources and different grape varieties are important to obtain well-balanced wines with the fine structure that only a few single areas in the Valpolicella zone can provide. Notes: Color: strong ruby red. Clear and transparent. Bouquet: notes of vanilla and ethereal airs depending on the period of aging in the barrel; notes of sweet fruits such as currants, blueberries, cherries depending on the varieties of grapes. Flavor: wine with a velvety, raisiny character combined with the structure and typical stylish bitterness to give it good balance.

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Baron de Lustrac, 1980

Vintage Armagnac (Comes in original Lustrac Box as illustrated)

Baron de Lustrac is a small traditional éleveur specialising in fine old Armagnac vintages. Their extensive range is sourced from neighbouring estates in the Tenereze and Mas Armagnac regions and they keep an ageing and bottling chais near Magnan, in the Bas Armagnac region.

All Armagnacs are aged in 420ltr oak barrels and sold as single vintages. The grapes used are all harvested from the one particular year, and will only be distilled if the conditions were particularly good. Perfect for big birthdays or as a special drink for the connoisseur as they truly are a fine example of the very best Armagnacs around.

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Baron de Sigognac, 1980

Armagnac (Comes in original Sigognac box as illustrated)

The company behind this Armagnac owns one of the most important stocks of old vintages in the whole region. They are growers as well as distillers and specialise in sourcing and ageing old casks of Armagnac.

The Armagnac is made from a blend of Baco and Ugni Blanc, the predominant grapes used in the production of Armagnac. The distillation takes place in a column still to an alcohol strength of about 54%. The spirit is then aged in local black oak casks. The alcohol content then reduces naturally to about 40% after about forty years. In presentation case.

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Barros Port, 1980

Colheita Port (Comes in original Barros gift box as illustrated)

The Barros 1980 colheita port has a tawny colour and an reddish halo. A delicious bouquet of ripe fruit, dried figs and plums, emphasised by an attractive character of wood and spices and caramel. Fresh and velvety in the mouth with a long finish, the Barros is a port wine which has an intense character.

Having just celebrated their 100th year trading in 2013 Barros Port is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious companies producing and trading in Port. Much of their success comes from Colheita ports – old tawnies from a single year matured in cask for a minimum period of seven years. Their expertise in Colheitas has established them as the stand out producer of this style.

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Bordeaux, 1980

Chateau La Grace Dicu

Bordeaux, in the south-west of France, needs little introduction to anyone with an interest in wine. One of the world's most prolific wine regions, it also manages to rank among the most famous and prestigious. The secrets of Bordeaux's wine success (other than magical Bordeaux Blend) are its three trump cards: diversity, quality and quantity. The majority of Bordeaux wines are the dry, medium-bodied reds that made the region famous.

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Brunello di Montalcino, 1980

Fattoria dei Barbi

Brunello de Montalcino is one of Italys most famous and most expensive red wines. It is produced in the vineyards surrounding the town of Montalcino located about 70 miles (110 km) southwest of Florence in the Tuscany wine region. Brunello, roughly translated as "nice dark one" is the unofficial name of the clone of Sangiovese used in production.

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Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey, 1980

Sauternes 1er Cru Classe

A wonderful sweet dessert wine. The staff at Cordier have every right to be happy with this splendidly concentrated, complex, fully mature wine. Tremendous intensity, viscous, ripe, and layered with honeyed, apricot-flavoured fruit, this unctuous wine is not tiring or heavy to drink, but lively and effusively fruity.

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Chateau Latour , 1980

Pauillac 1er Grand Cru Classe

The wine of Latour is an example of regularity, no matter the quality of the vintage. Firm, tannic and concentrated in its youth, it requires a long aging to reveal all its potential, its power and extraordinary wealth. Perfectly ripe grapes produce a very impressive wine with an incredible bouquet of cassis, hazelnut and leather. A monumental wine.

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Chateau Margaux, 1980

Margaux, 1er Grand Cru Classe (faded label)

Chateau Margaux's success in this vintage was acknowledged by all. They were fortunate to harvest late, well after the rains and in excellent conditions. Whilst 1980 is not a great vintage, the Margaux is supple, aromatic fine and well balanced. It has developed beyond our expectations and has become a delicate vintage that is a joy to drink.

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Chateau Mouton Rothschild , 1980

Paulliac 1er Cru Grand Classe

** 92 Points Neil Martin ***

"A complete shock to everyone who tasted this blind at La Trouvaille. Tasted alongside Lynch Bages 66, a little fatter on the nose with notes of cedar and cooked meats. Good poise and freshness. The palate has good depth, smooth tannins and quite vivacious. Full of life and vigour. Where does the concentration come from? Who cares - a wine that stuck two fingers up at all its critics who have ever dismissed this wine. Lovely. Tasted February 2004." Neil Martin Wine Journal

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