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Dom Perignon, 1980


Produced only in the finest vintages, Dom Perignon is Moet et Chandon's prestige cuvee Champagne. Usually a blend of half-and-half Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (give or take a few per cent here or there), it is rightly regarded as one of the very finest Champagnes, with the ability to age gracefully over many years. The wine is named after Pierre Perignon, the monk at the Abbey of Hautvillers who, legend has it, 'discovered Champagne' in the 17th Century and announced it was like "drinking stars".

Reviews: "Fresh and elegant, with characteristic doughy, yeasty flavors and a touch of honey and mocha.

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Gould Campbell Vintage Port, 1980

Vintage Port
Labelled "Gould Campbell 1980 Vintage Port "RC"date taken from cellar 29/06/2016"

The provenance of this bottle is that it came from Symington Family Estates owners of the Gould Campbell brand. The rest is mystery - we do not know what RC refers to and the label is fairly plain or why this is marked taken from cellar.

Plums, raspberries, blackberries and spices on the nose, then a ripe palate filled with sweet fruit. Lots more fruit with notes of dark chocolate. Well-structured with lovely complexity.

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Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port, 1980

Vintage Port

Full and deep, with excellent structure, this 1980 is aromatic, powerful and long. Mouthfilling and meaty, with sweet fruit; blackcurrants, cherries, cassis and chocolate notes. Fine balance and seamless construction.

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Taylors 40 Year Old Tawny port

Tawny Port (Includes Taylor's presentation box)

Only tiny quantities of this aged tawny port are produced each year, making the wines extremely rare and amongst the most revered in the world.

This beautiful Tawny port has been aged in oak casks for an average age of 40 years. During their long maturation they become tawny in colour and concentrated in their aromas. This port has very intense and elegant flavours which combine to give a smooth, fine finish.

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